Mrs. Sarah Biesen (pronounced Bee-sen) has lived in Idaho for most of her life. For the years that she didn’t live in Idaho, she was traveling with her family during the time her father was in the Air Force.

Later, after she graduated from high school, Mrs. Biesen joined the Navy, where she was a machinist’s mate stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln in Washington, and again traveled, but this time out of the mainland United States where she spent time in Hawaii and Asia.

When Mrs. Biesen left the navy, she returned to Idaho with her husband and son, and started college to become a science teacher. Mrs. Biesen has wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten, and used to teach her stuffed animals.

Prior to becoming the middle school science teacher at Heritage Academy, Mrs. Biesen taught physical science at American Falls High School.

In her spare time, Mrs. Biesen enjoys reading, and spending time camping and fishing with her family, and during the school year, she is excited teach science at Heritage Academy.