KMVT Feb 4, 2012

Heritage AcademyNews & Events

JEROME, ID (KMVT-TV) – A new charter school in the Magic Valley is celebrating their first 6th month of service since opening their doors in early September.

Heritage Academy Public Charter School in Jerome is currently going through their first year of operation as a charter school in Southern Idaho.The new Academy currently covers grades kindergarten through 6th. According to the Heritage Academy mission statement, the Academy will allow for students to participate in instruction leading them to develop meta–cognitive skills. Then allowing the student to learn how to solve real–life problems and organize information.

Saturday, staff and parents met at the Academy and got the chance to talk face to face about how the school runs on a day to day basis.”We’ve invited community members to come in and ask questions, potential students and we have current students and their parents. And that are asking questions about the future plans of the school. They are asking about the smaller concerns that really make a difference in a school day.” Said board member Anneli Crouch.

Heritage Academy is currently taking applications for next year. And the students picked will be chosen by a lottery style drawing.If you are interested in learning more about the academy or would like to sign up your child.

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