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June 26, 2019

JEROME ID – The Heritage Academy Public Charter School’s Board of Directors met this morning to discuss recent press focused on its school and other Idaho charter schools.  The Heritage Board expressed gratitude for the hard work that its superintendent, Dr. Christine Ivie, and staff members do to help students at their school grow and succeed.

Heritage Academy Board spokesman and Chairman of the Board’s Personnel Committee, Jeff Pierson said that all of the Directors are confident in the school’s staff and superintendent.  Mr. Pierson commented that “We have experienced tremendous growth in our students’ academic performance and that is a direct result of the hard work that our administrator, teachers and staff members do each day.”

Board members briefly reviewed assessment data provided by the Idaho State Board of Education and Idaho Department of Education.  When looking at academic data from state assessments, Heritage Academy students have consistently grown in math, language arts and reading proficiency.  Board Chairman Carroll Cone added “Our school has received recognition for the outstanding programs it has created and is well-known for its comprehensive approach to teaching and nurturing the whole child . . . this approach ensures students grow academically, socially, emotionally and in character and preparation for future success.”

Board members agreed that the school’s superintendent and staff members will continue to focus on students and their success.  Ms. Kris Gilgren, has served on the board for several years and has had students attend Heritage since it first opened added that “Our board members, superintendent and staff members believe in our students and our community.  Every day, we see the amazing things our students and our families accomplish.  We know that all of the children in Jerome and in the Magic Valley can and will accomplish great things in school and in life.”


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