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Welcome to Heritage Academy

Dr. Christine Ivie, Heritage Academy Superintendent & Principal
Dear Guardian or Parent ,

I am excited to welcome you to Heritage Academy! I look forward to getting to know you and your family.

The HA Board of Directors and I are grateful that you have entrusted us with your child’s education. We believe that all children are valuable and capable of great things. Heritage Academy has outstanding staff members who are focused on providing the foundation our students need to succeed. We have created a safe, nurturing and warm environment where each student is treated as an individual. Our goal is to help your child grow and achieve academic and social success and we look forward to celebrating each success!

Have a great year!


Dr. Christine Ivie, Heritage Academy Superintendent & Principal

Year Founded



From Aspiration to Reality


Heritage Academy makes learning fun! 

Students at Heritage participate in enrichment clusters that allow them to create real-world products and services based on their interests.  Imagine your child working with other students to write and produce a musical or design and publish a book.

Students at Heritage have used the skills and knowledge they acquire in class to achieve these things and more!  Our students achieve academic success and experience the fun and fulfillment of using what they have learned to achieve their dreams.

About Us


Heritage Academy students develop strong academic skills and an in-depth understanding of each core content area.

Heritage Academy uses the Core Knowledge Sequence as a framework for ensuring students leave school with a deep understanding of each content area; the skills to succeed in high school and beyond, and the ability to make connections, analyze information and solve problems.

Heritage Academy utilizes the Core Knowledge Language Arts program to ensure students meet State expectations while acquiring rich vocabulary; excellent reading and comprehension skills, and the ability to communicate with others through listening, speaking and writing.

Heritage Academy also offers creative writing and advanced literature classes in middle school.

Heritage Academy utilizes EngageNY along with the Mathematical Thinking Initiative (MTI) approach to teaching students math.

Students develop strong number sense; skills in basic math operations; the ability to solve complex problems, and excellent reasoning skills.

Heritage Academy follows the Core Knowledge Sequence as a framework to ensure students build knowledge within and across grade levels.

Students learn to apply the scientific method and study significant milestones, inventions, discoveries and theories that create a strong foundation for high school and beyond.

Heritage Academy students have access to the most current technology and instruction.

In grades 3-8, Heritage has a 1:1 ratio of technology devices to students.  K-5 students participate in technology specials to ensure they are learning basic skills and applications.  All middle school students participate in intro to technology, coding and application courses.

Students also have access to electives focused on audio video production, web design and advanced computer applications.

At Heritage Academy, we believe that all students need to participate in physical education and the arts.

K-5 students participate in art, music and PE specials.  Middle school students have access to electives such as creative writing, PE, lifetime sports, vocal music and percussion.

Student Spotlight

Callie Coelho

Callie Coelho graduated from Heritage Academy in May 2017.

Callie is a talented student who loves to serve others.  She has accomplished a great deal through her academic work, her involvement with Girl Scouts and her participation in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  Callie is someone others can always count on to lend a helpful hand and create a warm and friendly environment.

One of Callie’s biggest accomplishments, at Heritage, is her work to create an accessible playground, that will benefit our students and our community.

Callie’s hard work will come to fruition when the first phase of playground equipment is installed this September!

Thanks, Callie!!!

Student Spotlight.

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Heritage Academy has open enrollment and welcomes all K-8 students.
We do not charge tuition or fees and we provide free breakfast, lunch and a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to all students.

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